5 Steps To Effectively Take Advantage Of An Opportunity

Most successful people are opportunities seekers, they are the hunters of the modern age, because they believe in abundance. The world is filled with unprecedented opportunities, nowadays what matters is not what you know, but what you do with what you know. In my previous article I wrote opportunities are like buses, if you miss one, there’s always one coming, and the same applies to opportunities, whenever you miss an opportunity, there’s always one coming, while you are likely to get the next bus if you miss one, it is more difficult to take advantage of the next opportunity, if you are not prepared. Unlike buses opportunities don’t stop waiting for you. You need to seize them whenever they pass by.

You have probably heard success leaves clue, and what you are going to learn in this article is nothing else but the way successful people take advantage of an opportunity. While there are other steps you can profit from, the 5 Steps To  Effectively Take Advantage Of An Opportunity are beyond any doubt the most effective ones, and they will eventually lead you to success if you simply apply them.

1. How to identify an opportunity

You cannot hit a target you don’t have, and you cannot take advantage of opportunities unless you identify them. One of the reasons most people don’t  identify opportunities is simply because they believe they are not around them, and remember any belief you develop will be strengthened on a daily basis. You cannot believe in something and experience its opposite, it simply doesn’t work that way. Life gives you what you deserve, not what you want. Whenever you believe there’s no opportunity around, the more misery you will see, In other words life will give every evidence that there are not opportunities around in order to strengthen your belief, as you can see it is simply a mindset game. If you want to learn more about this topic, read my previous article.

2. Don’t look at what you don’t have

If you search on Google for instance how to make money, the search engine will give you over 5 millions results, which means over 5 millions answers for one question. Even though some answers will not be relevant, but you can still find your way out among these 5+ millions results, and this is huge. The most interesting part is the fact that this is one of the most searched keywords on the Internet. However, most of those who search this keyword fail to make money in the midst of all those informations, the reason is simple, they believe not to have the resources necessary to take advantage of those opportunities.

Opportunities are somehow tricky, they always tend to show the destination, but hide the journey, and that’s why most don’t take advantage of them. My mentor once told me everybody knows how to become wealthy, but they simply don’t do it. They want to have the whole map in their head before taking the first step, which will eventually lead to procrastination.

Whenever you come across with an opportunity, don’t look at what you don’t have, if you can see the destination or the rewards, don’t be stopped by the fact that you don’t  have all the resources to take advantage of it. The resources will come along the way. All you need is to take the first step.

3. Take the first step

Whenever we want to take the leap of faith the first thing that comes to mind is, what if it doesn’t work? And let me tell me you this, it will work if you start and never stop. This is what stops most people, the opportunity is right in front of them, but due to lack of information, they decide to let the opportunity pass them by.

Whenever you identify an opportunity but don’t know how to take advantage of it, don’t turn back, don’t fall in the trap of analysis paralysis which will eventually lead you to procrastination. Make the first move anyway, if you don’t know what to do, find a mentor, a mentor is someone who has succeeded in life, who has a strong desire and the ability to teach other people how to succeed. Not all successful people are good teachers, in fact many of them don’t want you to succeed, let alone to teach you. You need to be cautious whenever you choose a mentor.

Once again this is what stops most people from making any attempt in life. The fear of the unknown is inherent to human beings, but don’t let it stop you, remember, opportunities are tricky, they tend not to come the way we expect them.

To illustrate this fact, let’s look at Thomas Edison for instance, the inventor of the electric bulb. Mr Edison before inventing the electric bulb probably saw the necessity to light up the globe, but he didn’t know what process could take him straight to the invention, and this once again was enough to stop him from trying. He was probably intimidated by his goal, but he took action anyway and kept trying until he succeeded.

Not having all the answers upfront must not stop you from making the first move, and the rest of them.

4. Learn in order to avoid mistakes

There are two different ways to take advantage of an opportunity. The first is by trial and error, and second by mentorship. By trial and error i mean, trying different methods until you succeed. Though you will eventually reach you destination, success by trial and error takes time and a lot of energy. Mentorship will not make you an overnight successful person, but you will avoid a lot of setbacks along the way, and reach your goal much faster.

5. Listen to your intuition

This applies to those who want to succeed by mentorship, because listen to the intuition is a must for those in the trial and error field.

Once again a mentor is someone who has traveled the path before you, not your path maker. Though you must listen to him, because he knows things you don’t, you’ve got to listen to your intuition as well, because you are the one learning after all. Talk to him anytime you feel like doing something differently, and this will not only make you more confident, but bring more ideas on board.


Taking advantage of an opportunity is easier than you may think, Whenever you come across with one, don’t turn back, simply apply what you have learned from this post, once again success leaves clue, you may decide to do everything by yourself, though you will still succeed, but it will take you time. A mentor will not only teach you, but he will introduce you to his network as well, you will end up being surrounded by highly effective people to help you tackle any opportunity you come across with.

Become the change you want to see in the world by joining the community leading by of the top mentors in the world by clicking HERE, learn everything you need to know in order to take advantage of any opportunity.

Thank you for your time dedicated to this post, leave a comment below if you were inspired by the content, and don’t forget to share if you care. Thank you.


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  1. Henderson

    This is a very good post and I must say that the information here is very useful for people who are going I to the labour market. There are many people who do not know how to take advantage of an opportunity and the fact is that there will always be times when we will meet new people. This is a very good post worth sharing. Nice job.

  2. Stephanie

    “Opportunities are somehow tricky, they always tend to show the destination, but hide the journey” wow! I absolutely loved that quote. That actually qualifies towards everything in life. We’re often so emerged in the main target of these opportunities that we end up missing some of them just because we weren’t expecting the journey, nor the challenges they may bring along the way. 

  3. Jennifer

    this is Excellent. Entrepreneurs often live with the hope that if they build it, customers will come. But in today’s economy, it takes a lot more than hope to get people to purchase your products or services: New business-building practices are a must if you want to expand. i think Another necessary element is a clear-cut plan for growth.

  4. Benjamin

    i agree with you and i think Opportunities are somehow tricky, they always tend to show the destination, but hide the journey, and that’s why most don’t take advantage of them. to take opportunities you would have to Focus on your core product, Keep your pitch simple, Stay true to who you are. that is my contribution

  5. Amelita

    You have stated that “Successful people take advantage of an opportunity.” This is something I agree with for sure! Just a couple of years ago I was completely broke and in need of a job I could do at home so, as you stated here, I turned to the internet and found an overabundance of results. Even my social media was crammed with things to choose from. I felt lost. The thing that saved me is that I did not even have a credit card so I could only try the FREE options. 

    Then, miraculously I found a post similar to this one and it led me to an opportunity… a FREE, no risk, no credit card opportunity. I took advantage of that moment and it led me to the opportunity you offer here in your post… “Wealthy Affiliate”

    Never turning back now, Wealthy Affiliate has changed my way of life and I have been successfully working from home now for two years! I am a lifetime member for sure! I now have multiple streams of income and am looking forward to being a 6+ figure earner!

    Loving your 5 steps to take advantage of an opportunity. People deserve a real chance at working from home and having success. Thanks for sharing and mentoring others. 

    See you on the inside! 🙂 

  6. John

    Ah, this is a very good post that you have written here because it has the capability of helping one make one really good money. When a person is able to identify an opportunity and take advantage of it, it helps a whole lot. I like this and I will make sure that I take good use of the information.

  7. Dolapo

    thank you for the post. When you’re targeting potential customers listen to their needs, wants, challenges and frustrations with your industry also listen to what they saying about your industry, products and services, This will help you to find opportunities, i hope i have contributed a bit to your post?

  8. Dave Sweney

    Thanks for detailing these 5 steps to take advantage of opportunities. People see opportunity all around them from my experience. The difference between them is that the ones that know how to follow the steps that you mention to be able to leverage those many opportunities to make something more than a dream become reality.

    Knowing which of them to take action on is easier if you use some sort of system. Otherwise, you would never get around to taking action (one of your points and a good one). I see this quite a bit. People realize there are chances to make positive changes in their life.

    They get caught up in the shiny object syndrome or the analysis paralysis and end up getting little to nothing completed, let alone started. Your advice is sound, as is the opportunity that you are pointing people to (Wealthy Affiliate). If they choose to take action and work at it, they will succeed. Thanks for the advice and inspiration! 

  9. Shifts

    I was told and I have seen several times that an opportunity that is grabbed can change a life for good forever. I found this article very useful in all aspects of life. Thank you for sharing these effective steps with which I can effectively take advantage of an opportunity.

    You have proven to me that an opportunity missed can be recovered in another form just like a bus 😊

    I got hit up with no 2 towards the end. It is always a great idea to start with what you have and everything needed will come with time. I need to kill this thing called procrastination.

  10. Paula

    This really spun the ideas of opportunities in a different direction for me. I was impressed with the idea that if we don’t think we have opportunities, we won’t see them. We’ll only see what we expect to see. So I guess you mean we have to focus on looking for them, feel like they are there, so we can spot them. Thanks for the article. It was very helpful. 

  11. Queen

    Thank you for these inspiring steps to take advantage of opportunities, I do agree with you that sometimes we let amazing opportunities pass us by just out of fear of failure or not knowing what the outcome may be.

    Right now I am going to put your steps into effective use by first exploring this opportunity you have mentioned in your post, and hope to move forward from there.

    Thanks for sharing, very helpful article.

  12. Techie

    As always mam dear friend, your articles are always inspiring and the best to look up to in any situation; in other words, you inspire me a lot to do more and be successful.

    I needed this tips at this very point in my life as I am about to set up my business. It is an online business and I needed an inspiration to grab this opportunity whole heartedly and you just inspired me.

    I am a very good learner and whenever I am learning, I don’t skip steps. This has made me a professional in whatever I learn.

    You nailed it with this article.

  13. Ann

    Hi! Yeah, taking advantage of an opportunity is indeed easier that we think. I admit that the most complicated step for me has always been giving the first step. I tend to think too much. I put in a balance the pros and the cons, I spend weeks turning it around in my head until I finally get discouraged or forget about it. Your post has helped me to see how important it’s to give that fist step.

  14. Abel

    I have missed quite a few opportunities in my life. And I can’t go back in time. But I can learn so that it doesn’t continue happening to me. I liked your statement that we can not hit a target we don’t have. That’s why spotting opportunities and not letting them go by is my key take away from this post! Thanks!

  15. Louise

    These are very good steps indeed to learn how to take opportunities that are presented to us.

    Yes, we have to take the plunge and go with our intuition in order to make the most of any opportunities. Learn as much about as possible to take the most advantage. Once you have taken the first opportunity and gained insight and confidence then you are in an excellent and exciting position, ready to catch the next opportunity too.

    Thank you


  16. Nuttanee

    I think out of all the 5 steps, step 3 is the most important in my opinion. If you see and opportunity and you keep thinking about how to approach it or attack it, when you are thinking too much your brain will most of the time talk you out of it. I know it first hand. I am not telling you to go make mistakes but at some point we all learn from our experience enough that we just have to make the move and accept all the mistakes that we have made in life and move on and do not repeat. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post.

  17. Rodarrick

    Very interesting article you have written here and to say that I found it worthy is just an understatement. This is a pure gold. Thank you so much for this. Taking advantage of an opportunity is simply seeing it, taking action and getting the end result. Opportunities often do not come everytime but whenever it pops up, they must be well utilized at peak. Thanks

  18. Julianne

    Truly I agree with you here. Opportunities do not cone everytime but whenever it comes, it has cone to stay if well utilized. The tips you shared here are right and for everyone looking to make a change, we should all access this. Thank you for sharing here and I will also try to bookmark this for later readings

  19. KingAndrea

    An opportunity is meant to be taken because there’s this saying that it doesn’t come twice. Identifying the opportunity is very important, don’t be bamboozled by the lots of rubbish that seems to be opportunities, analyse your score, your probability of willing the opportunity then you take the step of boldness, even when you’re not sure, there are sometimes when you just have to take some risks. Thanks

  20. David ben

    This is a very nice and informative article and I must say that the information here is very useful for people who are going Into the labour force. From my discovery over the years there are many people who do not know how to take advantage of an opportunity and the fact si we meet them every day so this article would be very good to them there fore I would keep it for sharing.

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