How To Start Your Own Blog Website

How To Start Your Own Blog Website

How To Start Your Own Blog Website. Starting a blog website is probably the easiest way to start a profitable online-based business.

As I have already said in one of my previous articles, the opportunities to make it as an online entrepreneur are out there in abundance, but I personally believe that none of these opportunities come close to the blogging business in terms of scalability ( able to greatly increase in capacity, with relative ease.)

In this article, I will be going through the steps necessary to build a successful blog website. Let’s dive in without any further delay.

What is a blog website?

How To Start Your Own Blog Website

A blog website is a website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, sometimes letting readers comment on their posts. In a simple way, a blog website is a website in which the author posts articles on topics that matter to him.

The fundamental of the blogging business

The fundamental of the blogging business is to speak your mind on topics that matter to you, and this can be done through written posts also called articles, videos or podcasts.

Avoid the wrong approach

Each blogger has his own approach when it comes to deciding which topic ( niche market) best suits his blog website.

While the niche markets are out there in numbers most bloggers tend to choose hot niche markets, and which I believe to be the wrong approach.

Don’t choose the hot niche unless…

A hot niche market is simply a trending topic, ” how to lose weight, how to make money “, for instance, are some hot niches available in the blogging business.

While there is nothing wrong with choosing a hot niche in the first place, I personally recommend bloggers, especially newbies, to choose a hot niche unless they have some knowledge in that niche market.

I must admit that hot niches to be more profitable, but this should not persuade bloggers to build their businesses around those niches unless they have some knowledge in them.

You will eventually be banned if you do this

Chasing a hot niche without having any knowledge will surely kill your business because you will eventually end up in content plagiarism.

Content plagiarism is a copy of written content from a different blog posted on yours, and this is the number one enemy of search engines. Sooner or later your blog website will be banned if you get involved in this practice.

Bloggers who plagiarized content are simply those who don’t have knowledge in the niche market they are in.

The right approach

How To Start Your Own Blog Website

The only way to build a successful blogging business is to build one around your passion, building a blog business around what you are passionate about will spare your business from being banned by the search engines.

Build your business around your passion

As I have already said this is the best way of building a successful blogging business.

Why should you build your business around your passion?

There is a fact you would have been ignorant about up to now. The fact is passion and knowledge go hand in hand. What I mean is you can’t be passionate about something, and ignorant about its basics.

You can’t pretend to be passionate about basketball for instance, and completely ignorant about everything in basketball if that is your case it simply means it is not your passion.

As I have already said unless one has knowledge in the niche market he chose, he is likely to fall in the trap of content plagiarism.

Building your blogging business around what you are passionate about will not only spare you from being banned by the search engines, but it will make your content more natural and inspiring.

Write your passion down

By now you surely agree with me that building your blogging business around your passion will eventually lead you to success, by the way, I strongly recommend you to write your passion down before moving to the next step.

The technical resources

Whatever we have seen so far are the basics or the fundamentals of the blogging business. Every blogger must comply with these facts in order to succeed.

But there is a technical aspect of the business I would like to talk about, simply because it is as important as the principles you have just seen so far.

Build your blog site the right way

How To Start Your Own Blog Website

This is the most neglected part of the blogging business, bloggers intend to focus more on the niche market, and how to monetize a blog. But the fact is, no matter how good your content is, you will likely fail if you don’t build your blog website the right way.

Choose the right web hosting

This is the first requirement of building a blog site the right way, you’ve got to make sure to choose your web hosting company wisely. The reason for choosing the right web hosting company is simply for SEO purposes.


There are many web hosting companies out there for your blog site, but due to my experience, most of them don’t have the technology necessary to make your blog site load fast.

Slow-loading websites are the enemy number two of search engines. The point I’m trying to make here is, complying with the basic requirements will not guarantee you a successful business, if you have a slow-loading blog site.

Search engines are essential to a blog although many bloggers are finding alternative sources of traffic than search engines, I personally believe none of those alternative equal search engines especially Google in terms of daily traffic your blog can have.

Make sure your web hosting offers enough security for your site.

The security of your blog site is a key element to your success, simply because blog sites are often the target of hackers. Make sure your web hosting company provides your business with enough security, and check how often your web hosting company backups your website, ideally is a daily backup.

If your web hosting backups your blog site once every week or twice every month, you better switch to another web hosting and I strongly recommend Bluehost and Siterubix.

How to monetize your blog site

How To Start Your Own Blog Website

The blogging business comes along with numerous sources of income which in my opinion places it at the top of the most profitable online businesses. In this article, I will be going through some ways to monetize a blog.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. By simply placing affiliate links related to your content on each of your posts can really drive to an immense conversion if you get a lot of traffic. Below is a list of some online retailers paying commissions to bloggers for sales generated through their blog.

  • Clickbank
  • ShareAsale Affiliate
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay partners

Pay per click Ads

The functionality is quite simple, you earn money anytime a visitor clicks on the ads displayed on your blog. The key here as a blogger is to have more traffic to your blog website, the equation goes like this

more traffic⇒ more money.

As you can see traffic is the key element when it comes to monetizing a blog site, and the easiest way to have more traffic to your blog is to have more content on it.

Build an Email list

How To Start Your Own Blog Website

This is probably the gold mine for most bloggers. You have probably heard the saying that money is in the list. The potential behind having an email list is the fact that it is far easier to make a sale from people who know your business than those who don’t.

The other advantage of building an email list is the fact that the people on your list are your lifetime customers, whenever you get a product to promote, a new post on your blog share, this is where you will get overnight results of your hard work.

This is the ultimate goal for every blogger, bloggers with 100k email list are really tapping into this opportunity. For newbies, it will eventually take time to build a large email list.


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