The Best Online Business To Start In 2020

The Best Online Business To Start In 2020

The Best Online Business To Start in 2020. Since its introduction to the public, the number of people earning a full-time income from the internet or online is constantly increasing, and the trend according to experts is undoubtedly due to the numerous opportunities found online.

I personally believe that the opportunities to make it as an online entrepreneur are out there in abundance, but choosing the right business opportunity can be a difficult task.

In this article, I will be going through what is considered to be one of the easiest yet profitable online businesses to start in 2020.

Start a blogging businessThe Best Online Business To Start In 2020

The blogging business is, in my opinion, one of the easiest yet profitable online businesses anyone can start in 2020.

As you go through this article, you will eventually come across different ways to easily earn a passive income as a blogger. But before, let’s discuss the following fact.

Why the blogging business

As I have already said, there are many ways to make it online, but none of those opportunities, in my opinion, come close to the blogging business, simply because, it is the only online business even the less skilled person can start in 2020.

Whoever reads this article is, in my opinion, a potential successful blogger and this regardless of the skills, the level of education, or the social background.

What is a blog

A blog is a website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, sometimes letting readers comment on their posts.

How does a blog work

Blogs consist of a series of posts made by one or more bloggers. Posts can be articles, videos or podcasts. The business model revolves around giving or sharing opinions on specific topics, also called niche markets.

We are all bloggersThe Best Online Business To Start In 2020

Regardless of our skills, level of education, or social background, there is something we all have in common, giving our opinions on different topics, is probably what we all have in common, and this is also the fundamental of the blogging business, and that is what makes everyone a potential successful blogger.

Let’s now go through the steps of building a successful blog.

#1 What is your passion?

What is your passion, what are you passionate about, or what do you like doing, is the first step in building a successful blog. This is quite easy to implement, due to the fact that we are all passionate about something.

And for this case, I strongly recommend you to write your passion down, simply write what you like doing, if you like singing, for instance, that is probably your passion, simply write it before moving to the next step.

#2 Choose your niche marketThe Best Online Business To Start In 2020

A niche market is a relatively small and specialist, yet profitable, market. To make things easy here,  a niche market is a part of the whole. If you are passionate about music for instance, then the guitar market, the piano market, are some niche markets found in the music industry.

Experts recommend every blogger to build their blogging business around a niche market related to their passion, simply because it is the easiest way to get an edge over the competition on the search engines( Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Well, we have gone through what it takes to build a successful blog business, and we are now going to look at ways to monetize your blog or the different sources of income available in the blogging business.

How to monetize your blog

The reasons why the blogging business is one of the most profitable on the internet is simply because it comes along with numerous sources of income such as:

#1. Affiliate marketingThe Best Online Business To Start In 2020

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer or affiliate program pays a commission to an external website or blog for sales generated from its referrals.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a blog. Blogs with many visitors on a monthly basis can really tap into affiliate marketing by placing affiliate links on their posts. Below is a list of some online retailers paying commissions to bloggers for sales generated through their blog.

  • Clickbank
  • ShareAsale Affiliate
  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay partners

#2. Pay per click Ads

Pay per click ads is the quickest way to earn money in the blogging business. The functionality is quite simple, you earn money anytime a visitor clicks on the ads displayed on your blog, and the amount you make per click depends on many factors, but the amount generally revolves around $0.2 a click.

The potential behind the pay per click ads is the fact that they are targeted ads. Search engine bots generally track our activity whenever we do a search through search engines( Google in this case).

Aside from showing us relevant pages, these robots know our interests, and they are likely to show ads related to our areas of interest in the different pages we are going to visit, which makes it more susceptible for us to click on them.

The key here as a blogger is to have more written content on your blog, and the equation goes like this

more content ⇒ more visitors ⇒ more money.

Needless to say that one can make more than $2000 every month following this equation alone, combined with affiliate marketing and other sources of income, hard work blogger can make more than $20,000 every month.

#3. Build an Email listThe Best Online Business To Start In 2020

This is probably the gold mine for most bloggers, you have probably heard the saying that money is in the list or it is easier to keep a customer than to get a new one, and in the blogging business it is easier to make a sale through your email list than any other ways.

Having an email list is undoubtedly the ultimate goal for every blogger, simply because one can make a lot of money overnight. Bloggers with a list of 100k email addresses are really taking advantage of this opportunity.

For newbies, this may considerably take time, but it can be done with more traffic, and the secret to more traffic is nothing else but to create more content.

We have gone through some ways to monetize a blog, and needless to say that bloggers who diversify their sources of income can make more money than those who rely on one source of income.

Choose the write web hosting company  for better user experience

When it comes to starting an online business especially the blogging business, the user experience is as important as the different written content on your blog.

The point in trying to make here is the fact that choosing the wrong web hosting for your blog will eventually cause damage to your business, and many bloggers are currently experiencing this issue with their respective web hosting companies.

If you contemplate starting a blogging business, offering the best user experience to your visitors must be your mantra, and the best user experience comes from choosing the right web hosting for your blog.

Build a fast and secure blog with Siterubix

Some contributing factors to the best user experience are:

  • Blog speed
  • Blog security

Blog speed

A blog speed according to experts is one of the SEO factors, and a slow blog will eventually be penalized by the search engines, which will be detrimental to your blogging business.

Blog security

This is not easy to notice in the first place, but thank God for the various software available to give us the full security report of any website, and one of them is URLVOID.

As I have already said these are some contributing factors to the best user experience, and they are vital to the blogging business.

If you contemplate starting a blogging business it is necessary to choose your web hosting company wisely and for this case, I strongly recommend siteRubix, which is in my opinion, the best web hosting company in the market.

Siterubix gained its reputation as a leader by offering the best user experience possible to its customer’s blogs. Aside from that, they are also giving the newbies the opportunity to start building their blog without any charge.

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  1. Parveen

    Hey, Your guide is very use for beginners like me. I found very useful info via your article on the Best Online Business To Start In 2020.  I started my online business few months ago and now getting good results. I am working in niche market with affiliate marketing. Now I know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a blog. Blogs with many visitors on a monthly basis can really tap into affiliate marketing by placing affiliate links on their posts.

    Your guide is very useful for beginners like me.

    1. Randy Levy

      Thank you 

  2. Rhain

    Truly, the abundance of opportunities to earn money online can a burden because it presents a different challenge entirely. Finding the right and ideally suitable option can be daunting and might even lead to precious time wasted if not properly researched. I have considered the idea of starting a blog for profit but I had no idea how ti=o go about the whole process. This post has provided me with more clarity than I anticipated. I feel fired up already. I’m glad you shared.

    1. Randy Levy

      Thank you

  3. Parameter

    Blogging is life, thanks for sharing this million dollar idea, honestly, blogging is way to go building a sustainable business and a progressive lifestyle and like you listed out, you can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing and a host of others. This means you are making money from sharing your idea, I love your recommendation for a hosting company – Siterubix. Igot to know of them lately but I have moved all my blog to siterubix.  Excellent services, got good security and no downtime

  4. MrBiizy

    Yes! This is what I really want to do. I have seen so many persons that are making full time income doing blogging. People feel it has been saturated but that’s not the truth. Some persons got in less than a year ago and I ended up reading their success stories. So I want to kick off asap! I love the monetisation with affiliate marketing, ppc and add. Thanks for the tips you have shared as they will be very helpful to me.

    1. Randy Levy

      Thank you 

  5. Sebastian

    Thanks for this informative and helpful post
    I enjoy reading your post because it is really full of useful information.

    I agree with you that a blogging business is the best online business to start in 2020 because it offers a lot of advantages and even more as you said everyone can do it because everyone has a talent, something to offer to the world.

    Besides what I like about blogging business is the fact that I can build multiple streams of income without adding an extra expense to my business budget.

    I would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, do you have a platform to recommend?


    1. Randy Levy

      Thank you Sebastian

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